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  • "We purchased Steve & Heidi's instructional DVD set a couple of months ago and we LOVE it. The structure of this DVD series is terrific -- and an incredible value! Features such as the alternate views and on-screen counting, combined with the looping capability of the DVD format make it a tremendsouly effective and flexible resource. More importantly, Heidi and Steve have an engaging and clear manner of explaining steps, from the "big picture" to finer points of styling. Finally, the added footage -- from their own wedding reception as well as the "old timer" segments -- is priceless."
           ~ Heidi & Joe
              New York, NY

  • "I have your DVD'S which I feel are a good investment. I had a chance to view the first part of your DVD lessons. They are the best video course I have ever seen. The beginning alone is soooooo catchy!!!! Outstanding PR- attention getting skills are clearly exhibited !!!! You guys make wanting to dance so irresistible to attempt even if you've never seen this style...good for me because most of my students haven't had an opportunity to.

    One of the troops is a small female ... who started taking an interest because her 1st Sgt. learned how to dance, dip and flip me. They are going to correspond with you directly to tell you first hand about the swing dancing they are learning which will make them feel good. Many of these troops lifestyles don't permit interaction with celebrities of sorts. Most have only been to school dances or perhaps small bar scenes, and also, I brag on you guys!!!!!! ALL THE TIME!! ...
    God Bless you and Steve"
           ~Sheri Dilena
              Stationed in Irag

  • "JitterBal DVD Rocks!
    I purchased your JitterBal DVD earlier this year and I've got to say this is by far the best Balboa/Bal-Swing video I've bought. The way you break each move down and explain the concepts of the dance helped me out tremendously. I'd recommend your DVD to anyone! It has revolutionized my idea of Balboa. THIS IS A MUST HAVE!!!!"
           ~Mark Di Lullo
              Philadelphia, PA

  • "Hey guys,
    Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your DVD. I saw you at the recent Balboa Rendevouz [2005] and was so impressed with not only your dancing but with your wonderful personalities. You have hit on a terrific formula by combining the three dances into a fun, fluid and incredibly flashy format. The way you break down each step is so easy to follow and unlike anything else I've seen - genius. But what makes it especially unique is the two of you playing off each other like you do. Fun to watch and informative too. Now that's a rare combination. I've asked a friend to partner with me to learn your DVD so this [second] set will go to her. I'm down in O.C. where there's alot of BalSwing being taught but nothing as cutting edge as your stuff. Just thought I'd let you know that you have fans down here and look forward to seeing you whenever you are in So. Cal.
    Thanks Again,"
           ~ Steve Pillar
              Irvine, CA

  • "Your Jitterbal DVD is brilliant and very useful."
           ~ Reko Martti

  • "Your DVD is fantastic, it's real lucky for us to have it."
           ~ Jef & Alexandra
              Courbevoie, France

  • "Steve & Heidi,
    We love you! My boyfriend Brad and I have been learning Balboa from your DVD, and we agree that you two are better teachers from the screen than anyone we've learned from live. (We've never taken a live lesson from you.) We just wanted to say that you both rock, and we love the DVD!"
           ~ Paz & Brad
              Palo Alto, CA

  • "You probably will have a hard time remembering me as I was one of the many faces at the Swing Festival in San Francisco in December 2006. First of all, I was totally impressed with each of your teaching abilities and especially the clarity in which you both spoke. You demonstrated a true and definite command of the subject matter you were presenting- BALSWING!

    I had the oppportunity to buy your "JITTERBAL" tape at the dance convention. The tape has a very professional look and appearance to it! It has helped me to solidify the basics that I learned from you in December 2006 and it now has helped me learn LOTS of new steps and combinations. You are both GREAT TEACHERS!"
           ~ Lawrence Janssen
              San Francisco, CA

  • "I am happy to report safe receipt of all three discs. They are simply wonderful! We have Lindy Hopped for nearly two years and have recently fallen in love with Balboa so to have the tools at our disposal to move between these styling's is fantastic. We have collected a variety of teaching tools over the time each with something to offer, yet your package is just about total.

    The content is easy to follow and makes chronological sense also. Everything is broken down in just the right way. Rhona has struggled with getting the 'twist, twist' to look and feel comfortable. Now you come along and change the emphasis by describing and showing it as 'hip sway'. This seems far more logical as the feet naturally have to follow the hips, rather than other instructors who start at the feet and try to force the motion back up the legs.

    [The instruction] is providing the both of us with more confidence ... and we look forward to 'cutting a rug' with more panache."
           ~ Bill & Rhona
              United Kingdom

  • "Hey guys,
    I just ordered your Jitterbal DVD and I'm really looking forward to watching it. I learned about it at the San Francisco Bal Festival last December, then saw it again at the Balboa Rendezvous last weekend. Also, a major factor in my purchasing it was how kind and approachable both of you were this past weekend. Thanks a lot and take care."
           ~ John Ennis
              Goleta, CA

  • "[T]he $100 I spent on the original Jitterbal vol1-3 3-Disc set have been an investment that has paid for itself with easily accessible reference material I've looked at time and time again. I have a lot of different videos in my library from VHS of Frankie Manning's original lindy sets to many of Doug Silton's latest offerings and Steve & Heidi's DVDs are the ones that I show teachers across the planet as an example of HOW a DVD OUGHT TO BE DONE.

    Hands down Steve & Heidi's DVDs are the best on the market.
              San Francisco, CA

  • "Steve & Heidi,
    I just wanted to thank you for producing a high quality Balboa, Bal/Swing, Lindy Hop dance instructional DVD set. It is obviously a labor of love. I teach Lindy Hop at City College of San Francisco and spent 15 years dancing with the Oakland Ballet. I view many instructional tapes and this is the best I have ever seen.

    What first stuck me was the clarity of the picture. The production standard had to be very high to achieve this quality. I found it amazing that every step was counted to the music. Having the numbers appear at the bottom of the screen in sync with the step patterns is invaluable to a teacher. I can show moves to my students confident that I�ve got it right. I also appreciate the brevity of each demonstration, enough to completely understand the move without being boring. Finally, the focus of the instruction clearly indicates you have incorporated dance fundamentals into the development of your technique.

    It is also outstanding that you cover so many different styles. Having three DVD�s, which cover Balboa, Bal-Swing and Lind Hop, makes this a one-stop resource. I recommend these DVD�s to anyone wishing to master these dance forms. My experience, however, is that the dancer must take classes to master a dance. My recommendation would be for students to take private lessons from you two periodically as you are so good at individual instruction that it is well worth the money. Then the DVD set is a great supplement for home learning and practice."
           ~ David E. Blood
              Professor of Dance

  • "I just want to thank you all so much for putting together such a great Instructional 3 set DVD. I've loved and enjoyed everything about it and I've seen just how much I've improved. We can't get enough of you two, you two are truly gifted and we appreciate all your hard work and thanks Steve for telling me to make sure I get all the basics down before moving on to the more advanced moves, it has just totallly lifted my dancing level and has made me much smoother than before. Once again thank you all so much."
           ~ Josh Romero
              Fort Worth, TX

  • "Wow we loved your DVD. Very professional and very helpful for dancers. I'll definitely buy a few for gifts at xmas."
           ~ Akira Chiwaki
              Oakland, CA

  • "Hi Steve and Heidi,
    Just to let you know we were the couple who came to your home in January and purchased your Bal-Swing DVD set. We've played them all and think they're great and now have gone back to disc one which we are working on the balboa. We hope we can eventually combine both by doing the transition from Bal to Swing which you make look so easy. We think these are the ultimate in swing and we're hoping to get up to your workshop in Brisbane in September. We hope you get to Sydney during your visit as we'd love to show you and your new baby this lovely city. Lovely to meet you both...
    Kind regards"
           ~ Norm and Gill
              Sydney, Australia

  • "Steve & Heidi,
    I've trained Bal, Lindy & Hollywood with all the top USA and UK instructors, both in person and by using their tapes, and the format, content and presentation of your DVD is absolutely the best quality and content of any dance related learning resource I have ever seen.

    The beat counter at the bottom of the screen is excellent. Your performances to camera are extremely smooth, the style is nice and relaxed and endearing. Any director would be proud ( I work in movies sometimes so I know!) I�m seriously impressed. I love the way you have used the alternate views, zooms, speed up slow down technology of the DVD format rather than just bang out a few patterns in the same way as all the other instructors' tapes have in the past.

    The follower's explanations are a match in length and content as the leaders, another much missed feature in video, DVD and most importantly in physical lessons.  A big WELL DONE."
           ~ Andy Clark
              Suffolk, England

    "Hello Steve and Heidi,
    We are thrilled with Jitterbal, it is so clearly presented and de-mystifies so much. There is a lot of instructional, Swing material out there but I am so glad to have found Jitterbal, it's exactly what I wanted.

    Hope to meet you one day and take lessons. Best wishes"
           ~ Terry & Doreen Murphy
              Vancouver, Canada

  • "We've really been enjoying the Steve and Heidi Jitterbal DVDs. They're exceptionally well put together technically, let alone the fact that the dancing and instruction is great. Congratulations!"
           ~ Sam Burbank
              Venice, Italy

  • "Dear Steve and Heidi,

    Just wanted to share with you how much I�m enjoying the JitterBal DVD�s I purchased. I�ve been looking for months for a DVD set that clearly outlines Lindy and Jitterbug. Most importantly I was looking for reference material that clearly outlines the most popular turns, passes, slides, etc. JitterBal does that and as a bonus �bridges the gap� between Bal and Jitterbug/ Lindy. The DVD�s are really helping me to make the most of my bi-weekly lessons with [my instructor]. We all learn differently, and for me the combo of good reference material and a fantastic instructor are working as well as can be expectedJ I�m a �Bal Junkie� and I really need the motivation for continuing to work on my Lindy and Jitterbug. The DVD�s are aiding me in my preparation with what I want/ need to work on for each lesson. Thanks so much for your efforts. See ya in SF for Bal Fest!
    Warm regards,"
           ~ Mike Rauberk
              Coronado, CA

  • "I have to say that your DVD's are the MOST professional swing videos that we have seen. The filming and lighting is very professional. The scene transitions, and angles are clean. The navigation and organization of the DVDs are simple and direct. And the balance between both of your teaching (leads comments vs. follows comments) is refreshing to see in any dance videos. We will start recommending these videos to our students. Thank you for putting the time into these."
           ~ Jon & Sharon Bott
              Provo, Utah

    "Hi, Steve & Heidi,
    I got your JitterBal DVDs, and I am thrilled. Just thrilled. I've only watched the first 1 1/2 discs, and am holding off watching the rest while I work on what is already there. But you teach the absolutely coooolest stuff, so clearly. I see you demoing things like Maxie's swivels, and I literally gasp. It is so cool, I can't wait to be able to do them myself.

    I love that your instruction is so progressive, i. e., it starts from the basics and builds only on what you've given out. No flashy stuff (yet), just get the basics down and then move on. A big problem I have with many bal classes is that they tend to pass over the basic, pure bal moves like the one-step or the crabwalk, and go for the flashy stuff. Give Me Basics!!!

    Now, I can't wait to get to an event where you're teaching....
    Many Thanks,"
           ~Ed Broderick
              Wallingford, CT

    Ed then posted the following on a swing discussion board:

    "After the Boston Bal weekend, I needed (and need) more Bal. More dancing, more instruction, MORE BAL! But what to do? It's not like there are Bal weekends every month! Solution: Do what I said I was going to do a year ago -- order Steve and Heidi's DVD set.

    I got it over the weekend, and I could not be happier. It's all here. They start with the basics and progress in what seems to be the most logical, sequential way possible, through all aspects of bal and bal-swing. They tell you what's a little tricky, and what to practice and how. They let you know what you should work on before you try to move on. Doing it this way just makes everything seem so easy! The teaching is clear as can be, the camera angles are perfect, the production values are just the best.

    In short -- these are the best instructional DVDs I've ever seen. If anyone wants more bal but doesn't know where to go -- this is your answer."

  • "Dear Steve & Heidi,
    Just checked out the DVD this morning, and I've got to hand it to both of you, an absolutely great job!!! Great, sharp, picture quality; good, clean close - ups of foot work and intricate details; great multiple angle options; and great footage of the bal - masters!!! Congratulations on an awesome instructional disc!!!"
           ~ Eric (the Marine) Kwonrad
              Los Angeles, CA

  • "Hi Steve and Heidi,
    Great news received my DVD set this week, thanks for your assistance, well travelled DVDs. The product is great, clear, concise and taught in a fun way, had me glued to the TV set when I should have been working - keep up the good work and I look forward to your next DVD.

    I hope you are enjoying your summer in the northern hemisphere and take care. I shall regularly visit your website for updates and progress. All the best for the future.
    My Regards (satisfied and happy customer),"
           ~ Keith Randall
              Otago, New Zealand

  • "I wanted to give you feedback on your DVD. It's probably the best instruction I have seen yet, especially for people who have been dancing a while and pick things up quicker. It gets to the point and the counter at the bottom is very helpful. I also love that you share some of your best moves. Sometimes I get the feeling the awesome dancers don't want to give their secrets away. Who can blame em? Can't wait to see you in Chicago.
    Kickin' it old skool"
           ~ Tanya
              Chicago, IL

  • "Hi Steve and Heidi,
    Just wanted to congratulate you on your wonderful Jitterbal DVD. We received it almost immediately after we ordered it (thank you!), and have been glued to it every evening ever since. There's at least a year's worth of work on those three discs for us old folks, and we're gonna love learning every move. There's a lot of fresh ideas and moves from all our favorite dances, blended beautifully into one great dance.....Jitterbal!! You produced a terrific amazing value. Congratulations to you.....and Dave Stewart and Steve Sayer as well (our Ohio boys!!). Also heard you've been working with Becky, our dance pal from Columbus, Ohio. We're sick with jealousy :) :) !!  Congratulations, and hope to see you out on the 'dance trail' again someday."
           ~ Bob & Gayle
              Rockbridge, OH

  • Hi Steve & Heidi,
    "Having stumbled across your web site by accident and viewed your dance clips, I had to order your DVDs. I have to say, they are absolutely brilliant, covering the very basics up to some really fancy moves. I'm on disk one but learning fast. One of the highlights of the disks for me is the introduction. Wow, have you guys got some energy. The music really flies. I wish there was more of that sort of dance action sequence. The fun you are obviously having is really infectious. I would have no hesitation in recommending these disks to anyone. Thanks for putting in the time and effort to make them."
           ~ Chris Riddick
              Woking, Surrey, United Kingdom

  • "I really believe you have put together a great product. I can see all the hard work, organization and thought that you both have put into this. I'm still trying to do that circle slide, Heidi - you make it look so damn easy!"
           ~Diane Doban
              Burbank, CA

  • "Just wanted to let you know, I've just ordered your 3DVD Jitterbal set. I've been borrowing a copy from my friend Steve Terry --another big fan of yours--but he's gotten the nerve to ask for it back! So I've got to get my own copy, hich I'm happy to do, it's so awesome. Thanks for making this wonderful video, and for being such an inspiration - I just love watching y'all's dance clips and hope at some point to see y'all dance in person. Thanks again."
           ~Frances Courtney
              Atlanta, GA

  • "I have to say, your DVD is fantastic! You guys are so clear, and even on the super basic 6 count steps I learned some new things. I'm really blown away. EVERYONE needs to buy this DVD!!!
           ~Jeff Kroll
              Oakland, CA

  • "Hello Steve & Heidi,
    Just wanted to say that Sue and I are very pleased with the DVD we purchased from you . . . Keep up the good work.
           ~ Michael & Sue
              Milford, NJ

  • "Steve & Heidi,
    Your DVD set is the most comprehensive collection of Bal and Bal-Swing dance moves that I have ever seen and done so professionally that the bar has been set at a new higher standard for dance instructional videos."
           ~ Jeremy Duerhing
              Palo Alto, CA

  • "Dear Steve and Heidi
    I've just received your JitterBal DVDs. Thanks for the prompt delivery. They are well organised, informative and entertaining. I look forward to working through them. I will keep an eye out for anything else in the JitterBal Series ... I wish you all the best."
           ~Derek Carruthers
              Sydney, Australia

  • "We wanted to tell you that your DVD is absolutely the very best dance instruction video ever made! Perfect! And of course you guys are too cute!"
           ~ Kim & Bruce
              Tracy, CA

  • "This awesome set is only $99.00!! Trust me, this set is so worth it!!"
           ~ Laura Berger
              Detroit, MI

  • "I have recently purchased your DVD set. It is great! My wife and I are enjoying a whole new style of Swing.......Bal-Swing."
           ~ Jack & Linda Hibbard
              Orlando, Florida

  • "I love your DVDs so much, I'm ordering another copy for my friend."
           ~Hubert Chen
              San Francisco, CA

  • "Love the DVD! Quality is top notch. I like the idea of the numbers on the screen also. Personally, I would have preferred to keep the dances separate on the DVD so that I could watch just Bal or just Jitterbug, but that's just MY preference. Great work!"
           ~Ray Daugherty
              Long Beach, CA

  • "Got it yesterday and watched it! I am really happy with all of the information you guys were able to teach on the set, there is so much and it is sooooo worth the money! It is great because I can watch it over and over until I get something and not have to take a million lessons!"
           ~Doris Schepian
              Oreland, PA

  • "I bought your DVD series while I was [in LA in 2004] and to this day have still kept them on my "to watch today" list. From getting things off them, I have to open my own Swing dancing school in Brisbane, Australia. I hope in the near future we can get you two to come out to do a workshop for us, That would be MAGIC."
           ~Mark O'Brien
              Brisbane, Australia

  • "Hi Heidi and Steve,
    Thank you for a very nice weekend in Lund! I learned a lot from you and I have already been studying the DVD a lot."
           ~Axel Strandbereg
              Lund, Sweden

  • "Hello Heidi and Steve,
    Thank you ever so much for a lovely weekend. You are such nice people and your classes were fantastic.

    The private lesson I had meant a lot to me. I am working hard on the cross breaks and the pivots in the throw out. Well there are many things to think about and it is so unnecessary to, at first learn something wrong and then try to correct it... And of course I hope to be able to see you again somewhere in the world. It was wonderful knowing you and you are most welcome back to Lund.
    Yours sincerely,
           ~Ingrid Gydmer
              Lund, Sweden

  • "We watch your dvd almost every day, I can say we sleep with it, and we do our homework. I can do the tripletime basic variations during a whole song. But for the next time you are coming I hope I can show my provement. We also try this jam thing: both at training, this is the last exercise we do. It's a good finishing thing. And since you have left I got in the jam almost every party!!!! Because of you!!! Thank you again!"
              Budapest, Hungaria

  • "THANK YOU! Awesome workshops : )"
              ~New York, NY

  • "It was great to see you again this weekend. You [Heidi] and Steve are awesome dancers and teachers!"
               Maywood, CalifAztlan, Mexico

  • "Had an awesome time this weekend. Learned more than my brain could take."
              ~Tampa, FL

  • "Unequivocally the GREATEST weekend of my swing life! You're classes were SO MUCH FUN! Come back and see us soon."
              ~St. Petersberg, FL

  • "I would like to thank you for coming out to Australia for the Brisbane Bal Workshops. Your classes have given me the framework to advance to the next level. The material was, at times quite challenging, but was always enjoyable due to the attitudes and humor of you both ... I know you both had to travel a very long way from home, especially with a new born and I can't emphasize enough what it has meant to all of us. Be assured you three are always welcome in Australia. Once again thank you for your efforts. Finally the "we are no rock stars" attitude really made you both easily approachable and made me personally feel like you both genuinely wanted to meet and get to know us."
              ~Brisbane, Australia

    "Thanks for coming, you all Rock!"
              ~Tampa, FL

  • "The weekend just gone was THE BEST dance weekend I've been part of. Thanks so much to all you guys for everything."
              ~Brisbane, Australia

    "Overall in a word - WOW. I have finally found a male role model for my Lindy Hop and my Balboa . . . that I can draw inspiration from. Not only are you a great guy Steve but the energy and enthusiasm you and Heidi bring to the dance floor is nothing short of incredible. You both have an ability to inspire the uninspired and make the clunkiest of dancers move with grace and purpose. For a long while now my Lindy (and Balboa) has been stale and sitting almost dormant, but after this past weekend I feel like I've been issued with a licence to kick arse as I'm more inspired now than I have been before - EVER. Heidi, you are purely amazing and an asset to the Swing world - a true beauty to watch on the dance floor. Your collective concepts on footwork and handwork alongside of the multiple centres are totally off the hook - it definitely forced me out of my comfort zone and pushed my own methodologies and ideologies in ways I can't really begin to explain other than to say it has all been pushed in a highly challenging and positive manner.

    Your attitudes to the dance, the dance world, your teaching and those around you make you both extremely approachable. Your genuine desire to impart knowledge and skill shines through and I thank you for that."

  • "If you haven't had a chance to take classes from Steve and Heidi yet, sign up now! I had the privelege of taking classes with them at the Bal Rendezvous and they were some of the best teachers and most entertaining people at the weekend. I am drooling over the opportunity to take a master's class from these guys."
              ~Denver, CO

  • "The workshops in Manhattan were absolutely fantastic! You took my bal-swing to a whole new level, and I'm now checking out your travel schedule so that I can track you both down in another city for more classes!"
              ~New York, NY

  • "I wanted to say thank you again for a truly "mahvelous" weekend of classes and fun! It was great and you are both to be congratulated!! I'm definitely looking forward to the next one... and the next one..."
              ~Dublin, CA

  • "Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your Chicago workshop in July. We learned so much that weekend. You took the time to break everything down and explain it so well. I think we brought more away from that week end than any other workshop we have taken. We hope to take more of your workshops. We have your DVD's and have learned a lot from them, but going to your workshop helped clarify a lot for us. We are going to try to make it out to SF in December. Thanks again. We had a great time."
              ~Chicago, IL

  • "You guys rock!!!"
              ~Tampa, FL

  • "Hello my friends!
    I hope you get home safely from Moscow, and can have some rest for a couple days. The whole community miss you so much, so you have to come back as soon as possible."
              Budapest, Hungaria

  • "We really enjoyed the [Chicago Weekend] workshop and have been telling the dance community in St. Louis about it."
              ~St. Louis, MO

    "Hello Steve & Heidi!
    Your names came up in conversation about our favorite dance teachers. You both were so much fun and [we] had so much fun learning. Still learning new stuff from the DVDs. Thank you again for everything!"
              ~Virginia Beach, VA

  • "[We] would like to thank you for the fabulous tips, etc. you had given us during our private. We learned mucho at the workshop, it was a great pleasure and learning experience. see you in Detroit."
              ~Chicago, IL

  • "I took your workshop at Dance Manhattan last year...I think you are fantastic teachers."
              ~New York, NY

  • "... I want to say THANK YOU for your classes [in Moscow], because it was really amazing. Some of the things you`ve said I understand only now but I hope next time you come to Moscow I will be more ready. :)"
              ~Moscow, Russia

  • "My friends and I wanted to thank you for a great weekend in San Fran! We had such a great time and can't wait to do it again next year! You guys did a great job!!!!"
              ~San Francisco, CA

  • "Hello Steve and Heidi (a.k.a. Jitter-Bal god and goddess),
    I took your two-day workshops the last time you were in NYC and I thought they were great. And yes I was one of the converted to buy your DVD. It is really great! I luv the "Old-Timers" clips too! ... Can't wait to see you in August [18-20, 2006]!"
              ~New York, NY

  • "Hey guys!!
    We miss you already. We've all been practicing our balboa (especially the "heidi-slide") hardcore. Hope you come to Chicago again next year!!"
              ~Chicago, IL

  • "Absolutely loved your weekend of workshops in NYC! You created such a fantastic classroom atmosphere, and I was able to absorb an amazing amount of material comfortably -- steps, combinations, transitions, and flashy fluourishes...the worshop experience left me more confident, capable, and Bal-swing-enamored than before! Come back! Come back!"
              ~New York, NY

  • "Steve and Heidi:
    You've probably gotten a ton of thanks already. But can one ever be over-thanked?

    Thanks for coming out to Chicago to teach us some Balboa. It was great. I was only able to attend the Saturday portion, but it was more than well worth every single second. In addition to the great teaching, I found you both incredibly engaging and witty. You did the best job you could given the challenges of the room.

    I am rather new to Balboa and I'm sometimes a slow learner. I especially enjoyed the parts of the workshop where you put the Bal steps in the bigger context of LindyHop and of course a new favorite word - Jitterbal. I will probably have to get your DVD.

    I will be doing some travel to the Bay Area for work this fall, so if I'm lucky enough, maybe it'll coincide with a workshop of yours and I can get in some more of your great teaching. Of course, I'm not that lucky, but who knows? I almost wish I could move to CA for about a month or two just to sit under your great teaching. Alas, that's probably not going to happen, either. Sigh.

    Anyway, I would take and recommend your workshops to anyone. Thanks again for all your hard work. Heidi, I hope your foot is quickly on the mend. What a trooper you are!!!!

    Thankful smiles."
              ~Chicago, IL

  • "[W]e just loved you [Heidi] and Steve. You two were the greatest at the workshop. We are hoping that we can schedule one of our trips ... around something you two are doing."
              ~Carlotta, CA

  • "Hi Guys,
    Just wanted to email you to let you know how much fun and educational the Chi-town workshop was. You two are great teachers and the energy you put into the classes is contagious, and, you really seem to enjoy what you do. Our bal and bal-swing have improved enormously after the weekend in Chicago with you. My favorite class was the slides. The fact that you made us do the slides over, and over, and over, and over,.......and over, was the only reason I finally "got it". A lot of classes we have attended try to pack as many moves and tricks into an hour as possible, without making sure the students can actually take the new skill home with them. I didn't feel that at all in your seminar.

    Hope to see you in SF in December, keep up the good work."
              ~Des Moines, IA

    "We had a lot of fun last weekend at the [SF] Balfest! Definately looking forward to the next one!"
              ~Santa Barbara, CA

  • "I just want to thank you again for a great weekend with great content and an excellent delivery of that information. You guys really connected well with the group."
              ~Chicago, IL

  • "Thoses were the best classes I have taken, I've never seen anything like that before.
              ~ Minneapolis, MN

  • "You both are excellent instructors. I look forward to learning more from you at the ABCD in September. Thanks again and take care!"
              ~Elmhurst, IL

  • "Steve & Heidi are a dynamic, charismatic couple who bring to workshops technical and natural ability in an easy to understand format. What can I say? Excellent @#$%& job! Extraordinary presence and charisma as well as getting down to the nuts and bolts of stuff to allow it all to make sense. You two are truly people's kind of people with a dancing talent and chemistry that cannot easily be compared. Thank you! It was an enjoyable experience.
              ~Chicago, Il

  • "Thank you SO much for bringing [Steve & Heidi] out here; the workshops were awesome."
              ~Denver, CO

  • "Steve and Heidi- the workshop was truly fabulous! Thank you for coming to Chicago and sharing all of your super cool stuff with us. I know we all enjoyed it tremendously. I hope the people here were inspired enough to keep learning! Not only are you great teachers and dancers, but wonderful people as well. I have heard that from so many other people too! It was truly a pleasure meeting you!"
              ~Chicago, Il

  • "Steve and Heidi,
    Thank you for some wonderful classes! I've never seen anyone Bal the way you two do. I can't wait to share my improvement with you next time!"
              ~Colorado Springs, CO

  • "Seriously, Steve and Heidi you rock!!!!! (even if you don't have a chicago accent.) Thanks so much for teaching and inspiring us dancers to keep on truckin'."
              ~Chicago, IL

  • "...thanks for the terrific terrific workshops [at SFBF 2006]."
              ~San Francisco, CA

  • "The [Steve & Heidi weekend] classes were awesome. I am so full my head is bursting. Just as good as any out of town camp weekend. Thanks Dan and Tif for inviting them and an extra special thanks to Steve and Heidi for making the trip."
              ~Denver, CO

  • "First off, the private lesson you gave [us] was was the best advice I ever had! (I'm now a considerably lighter follow). Secondly, the workshops were the most fun I've had in a long time. You two are silly! :D Even tho' it was tight, we all managed somehow.... Thanks to the two coolest Bal dancers in the world, we were inspired to continue. : )"
              ~Chicago, IL

  • "My partner and I went to a 1940`s dance last night in Kent, England, and we came across a couple really going great dancing the Balboa to the wonderful 40`s music. We asked where they learnt and they said that they had learnt a lot from a Balboa instruction video from yourselves."
              ~Kent, England

  • "I really enjoyed the classes at the BalFest [2006]."
              ~E. Palo Alto, CA

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