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Some of Steve & Heidi's Dancing
January, 2004

JitterBal v1.0 Promo


2004 JitterBal DVD Promo
2004 JitterBal DVD Sample Clip

January, 2009

JitterBal v2.0 Promo


2009 JitterBal v2.0 DVD Promo

November, 2009

Steve & Heidi Dancing at Lindy Groove
2009 Steve & Heidi Social Dance Demo at Lindy Groove.

September, 2009

Steve & Heidi's Attempt to Break the Guinness World Record for Most Spins
2009 Steve & Heidi's Attempt to Break the Guinness World Record for Most Spins.

October, 2008

Steve & Heidi Dancing in Vienna
2008 Steve & Heidi Dancing in Vienna, just warming up before we started our class.

March, 2009

Dancing with the Stars
2009 Heidi & Jason Vaughan on Dancing with the Stars and the jam that DWTS took the footage from.

July, 2005

National Jitterbug Champs


2005 National Jitterbug Champions, Pro Balboa Division

January, 2007
Steve Garrett, Heidi Salerno


2007 Swing Dancing with Our Daughter

September, 2008

Spinning Madness


2008 Heidi's Spin Challenge

June, 2005

Kickin' Ass at ABW


2005 ABW Finals

June, 2005

Frim Fram NYC


Steve & Heidi with Carol & Mickey jammin' at Frim Fram in NYC.

October, 2008

Vienna Hot Swing with Steve & Heidi


Steve & Heidi warming up before class at Vienna Hot Swing, Austria.

April, 2004

Steve & Heidi Dancing


Steve & Heidi's JitterBal:  A fun, jitterbug mix of Lindy Hop, Balboa & Bal-Swing.

February, 2004

Steve & Heidi


Steve & Heidi's Classic Balboa & Bal-Swing to Stompy Jones' Diga Diga Doo.

October, 2004

Steve & Heidi


Stompy Jones Music Video "Mondine" directed by our pal Sam Burbank at Broadway Studios in SF.

October, 2005

Steve & Heidi Dancing


Steve & Heidi dancing in Moscow, Russia.

October, 2005

Steve & Heidi


Steve & Heidi teaching recap in Budapest, Hungary.

October, 2004

Prince Charming & Snow White


Steve Garrett, the multi-talented Steve sings at Camp Swing.

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